Water Supply & Efficiency

  • Surface & Ground Water Monitoring

  • Catchment Management

  • Irrigation

  • Water Balance Measurement

  • Water Use Metering

  • Reservoir Monitoring

  • Stream / River Forecasting

  • Watershed Management

Water Condition & Change

  • Water Quality Monitoring

  • Water & Wastewater Flow

  • Soil Moisture Monitoring

  • Wetland Mapping

  • Water Withdrawals

  • Flood Monitoring / Early Warning

  • Runoff

  • Glacier / Snow Cover Levels

  • Hydrologic Information

  • Pollution Detection

Water Security & Safety

  • Water Quality Management

  • Water Leak Detection

  • Nutrient Balance / Cycling

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Water is our most precious natural resource, and is impacted by industrial waste and runoff more than any other. Hyperspectral imaging will enable NorthStar to locate and track the progression of a wide variety of toxic elements throughout ecosystems everywhere around the globe as never before, through land regions, watersheds, and into our rivers, lakes and oceans. Our data-driven information will prove a valuable aid to usage verification, helping to manage dwindling water resources in densely populated drought-stricken areas like southeast Asia and the American southwest. We will supply the most comprehensive, most up-to-date cloud cover data attainable anywhere.