Land Use

  • Zoning

  • Predicting Growth

  • Geographic Mapping & Analysis

  • Food & Water Supply Demands Analysis

  • Land Use Monitoring


  • Architecture and Design

  • Transportation

  • Communications

  • Distribution Networks


  • Pollution Analysis & Control

  • Natural Resource Management

  • Development Tracking

  • Mapping Flood Zones

Along with the human population, urban growth is accelerating around the globe. Cities take a heavy toll on the natural resources of their surrounding areas, the damage is seen in signals that are not always evident. NorthStar reads the signals, and will monitor impacts of development activities across the globe, verifying compliance with mandated remediation of any given area. NorthStar's HSI data will be used to detect and track the impacts of smog, effluents, sewage release, and related contaminants. Using current and historical data, NorthStar's analytics will determine the specific characteristics of a local region that are changing, and determine the rate and direction of the change. This analysis will provide governments and private industry with the information necessary to make prudent decisions about future policy, development plans, and investments.