Space Monitoring

  • Launch & Reentry Assessment

  • Natural Hazards Monitoring (NEOs)

  • Space Object Assessment

  • Space Debris / Space Junk Monitoring

Scientific Research

  • Detect & Track Near Earth Asteroids

  • Comet Tracking and Monitoring

  • Supernova Detection

Space Risk Mitigation

  • Space Situational Awareness Governance

  • Monitoring Cooperative Space Assets

  • Collision Risk Management

  • Space Traffic Management

Earth's Orbit is home to billions of dollars in space assets owned by governments and private operators, assets at risk of collisions with hundreds of thousands of pieces of debris ("space trash"), objects large and small travelling at extreme orbital velocities. NorthStar's satellites are designed with aft-pointing sensors, to detect and track debris of smaller sizes, more completely than ever before. The NorthStar Constellation will track space assets in all orbits, monitor launches from the surface to their end destinations, and provide scientific data such as asteroid tracking. NorthStar's Space Situational Awareness services will be critical to governments, military organizations, and private operators of spaceborne assets all around the globe.