Forest Preservation

  • Forest Inventory

  • Forest Health

  • Biomass Monitoring

  • Conservation / Habitat Management

  • Spot Illegal Activity (logging, etc.)

Forest Monitoring

  • Deforestation Monitoring

  • Degradation Monitoring

  • REDD management

  • Fire Detection, Monitoring & Risk

  • Invasive Species Monitoring

  • Forest Fuel Monitoring

  • Plantation Monitoring

  • Harvest Monitoring

Forest Change

  • Carbon Stock Measurement

  • Burn Scar Mapping

  • Land Cover Change / Forest Mapping

  • Inventory Monitoring

  • Land Management / Planning

  • Land Ownership Management

NorthStar's large sensor constellation sees the entire surface of the globe more often than any other system ever deployed. That means we'll catch potential disasters like forest fires in isolated and remote areas sooner than anyone else, enabling quicker responses. Not only that, but NorthStar's hyperspectral data can differentiate between plant species, and detect changes in plant health - so the migration of warmer weather species to more northern climes and their sometimes devastating impacts, an artifact of global warming, can be monitored as never before. Business concerns such as logging, pharmaceutical companies, and land developers will find such up-to-date, accurate data of keen interest. Law enforcement organizations will have a new tool to monitor the farming of illegal crops. Civil governments will be able to monitor encroachment on public lands more effectively than ever before.