Natural Resources Exploration

  • Surface Deformation & Parameters

  • Surface Geological Mapping

  • Land Cover Mapping

  • Oil Exploration

  • Site Planning & Modeling

  • Bathymetric Mapping

  • Reservoir Monitoring

  • Hydrogeology

Operational Efficiency & Safety

  • Infrastructure & Environmental Monitoring

  • Asset Management & Safeguarding

  • Pipeline Monitoring

  • Oil Spill Mapping

  • Onshore Oil Seep Detection

  • Risk Assessment

Productivity & Monitoring

  • Detect & Monitor Ground Movement

  • Facility Site Monitoring

  • Offshore Platform Monitoring

  • Measure Land Use Statistics

  • Vegetation Reclamation

The oil, gas and mining industries will remain the key suppliers of the world's energy and resource needs for the immediate future. It is critical that these operations are conducted efficiently, economically, and responsibly, but you can't manage what you can't monitor. Better data on the activities and impact of extractive operations, means a reduction in spills, explosions, water table pollution, and other environmental disasters which occur far too often. Currently, airborne monitoring platforms such as UAVs are too expensive to operate, and not suited to the coverage needs of monitoring oil, gas and mining on a global scale. NorthStar's persistent space-based sensors will provide continuous coverage 24/7, 365 days a year, providing data to assist in activities such as researching sites for energy sources, evaluating the impact of mining activities on a region, monitoring the transportation and storage of processed fuels. In the event of spills and other potential environmental catastrophes, NorthStar will provide the earliest detection warning available. The costs to energy companies associated with contamination, remediation, fines, penalties and negative publicity are greater than ever before. Early detection and response helps contain the damage and directly impacts the bottom line.