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Farmers large and small are increasingly using precise navigation systems and electronic monitoring of soil conditions and crop yields. Imagery from space with its relatively low cost and broad coverage is a highly desired add-on to local monitoring, but often takes days or even weeks to deliver. The result is data which lacks the freshness to be relevant to agricultural communities. With 40 satellites orbiting Earth approximately every 90 minutes, NorthStar will drastically reduce the interval between revisits for any given point on the planet, and provide the most up-to-date data available. NorthStar's hyperspectral imagery will generate data far richer in information content, providing key details about crop health, pest infestations, chemical distributions and hydrology never before available. NorthStar will use predictive analytics tools to analyze this new data on a global scale, enabling the monitoring and comparison of agricultural output to changing population densities. In any region of Earth, NorthStar will have the capacity to detect catastrophic events like the spread of crop disease, earlier than ever before.